Brunch and Books

Liz and I decided on going out today for brunch. Partly just to get out again, partly to talk a bit about some possible travel plans for this year.

We ate at Plein Air Cafe – though I wish they had updated their website to reflect that they were open for indoor dining. We placed a pickup order to eat outside (since this is what we did last time) – but on arriving, discovered they were allowing people to eat inside.

After our meal, we decided to browse a bit at The Seminary Co-op. A few of the books outside caught our eye, and we decided to venture inside to look around more.

The interior was a bit of a maze, but I enjoyed the look and feel of the place. I got a little confused navigating the sections, but I still enjoyed getting lost, looking around.

Loeb Classical Library.

I have a tendency to purchase books I never read, so I tried to hold off. Liz got something by Murakami (one of her favorite authors), and she also found an interesting book AI that I was also intrigued by.

I feel like I’ve taken a long hiatus from books, choosing technology/code over the written word. I know these are not mutually exclusive things, but there’s a part of me that traces things back to a fork in the road, maybe 10+ years ago.

I do love books, and I do love reading. I think I’ve gotten lost somewhere along the way, and need to find my way back.

A Day Off, A Day Out: Plein Air Cafe and City Escape Garden Center

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