When I first arrived in Indianaplis, I showed up late at my house. Dipti had called, and I had copletely flaked on my going over to her parents’ house prior to the wedding. I was supposed to watch after Petey (her dog) and bring him to the ceremony. I was a good hour plus late and, though I had planned on taking Petey, I forgot about the 1:30 PM meeting time.

I threw on my suit, zipped over the Arts Center, and luckily was able to meet up with Dipti before things got underway. I was able to get a garage door opener to thier house, ran back to their place and picked Petey up. During the ceremony, he was a bundle of energy, and I sat next to Bob and Lisa, who also helped me keep Petey calm. Anytime he saw someone he recognized, he strained against his leash and just about bolted from us (we almost lost him once, actually).

Dipti and Jeff had a wonderful ceremony – it was an Indian wedding and took place on the banks of the White River, on the grounds of the Indianapolis Arts Center. A gorgeous place, and just an amazing time. Jeff rode in on a horse, Dipti looked stunning, and the priest was as instructional and informative as he was humorous. I took a few photos, but didn’t get a chance to ask about posting them. When I talk to Dipti in a few weeks, I’ll see what she thinks.

Have I mentioned that both Dipti and Jeff are great photographers? You should have seen all the cameras at this wedding – there was the official wedding photographer, but I honestly couldn’t tell who he was. There were so many friends with so many fancy cameras, it seriously felt like the papparazi were in attendance.

Reception afterwards was at the Westin hotel, downtown Indy. I got to meet up with a bunch of folks I hadn’t seen in ages, and had some great Indian food to boot. Had some great conversations that included the evolution of forks, the architecture of Columbus, Indiana, NASCAR, and of course the Simpsons.

I got to see Melinda again, which was really good. If I’m to be completely honest, it did make me a bit sad, but it was more of a nostalgic sort of sad. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen one another, so of course things were a little awkward at the start. But after a few minutes of talking we fell into a more relaxed conversation. I feel bad about how much time has passed since we’ve talked. I’ve been back to Columbus several times, and really should have made a point to stop by and say hello. We talked for a while about our families, and got caught up on a few pieces of gossip. It was really good seeing her again.

Before I knew it, the night had gotten late and I hurriedly excused myself to go change. There were several people that I forgot to say goodbye to, but I left in a bit of a rush. The dance floor was just starting to get crazy, and the reception had shifted from dinner-mode to party-mode as I was leaving. I traded my suit for a t-shirt and jeans, and found my way back on I-65. Homeward bound.

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