Dinner was great. I got to see my cousin Jordan, along with my uncle Corky and my auntie Dawn. We hung out to celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday. The one thing that all Chinese seem to have is this miraculous gift of not looking our actual age (my uncle looks 30).

Our meal was an intro for me to Northern style cuisine (new soups and hand-made noodles). There were, to my delight, two full plates of dumplings (one with meat, and one stricly veggie). As I’ve said before, dumplings tend to be a whole meal unto themselves… so it seems like this is a Northern influence.

Afterwards, I went home and hung out with my parents for a bit. They didn’t get back home until about 11:30 (the restaurant business forces some late hours), but we talked a while and watched TV a while. We caught the middle of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." I tried staying up for the movie, to either remember it again or figure out what was going on… but sleepiness got the better of me, and I was out by 1 AM.

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