Another Reason Why I Love Lloyd

From: Lloyd
To: Portnoy
Subject: Re: goonies

I had been told by someone that Asian-Americans aren’t supposed to like The Goonies. I think that sucks and is stupid and dumb. That kid, Jonathan Kwan who plays Data, I have a friend who knows his girlfriend. But I guess that isn’t very interesting.

I always thought that Corey Feldman was a tops actor. It’s unfortunate he got lumped in a group with that Corey Haim fellow, because he was so much better. I thought he carried Stand By Me, and I love his monologue at the bottom of the wishing well, you know, about the coin and his wish. What a great actor, Corey Feldman. In case it doesn’t communicate, this entire paragraph is meant to be taken completely without irony. I realize that’s unfashionable (not only to like Corey Feldman, but to admit it without being self-mocking), but if it’s wrong to love Corey Feldman and Jonathan Kwan, then I don’t want to be right!

In the DVD of The Goonies, apparently what’s-his-name Richard Donner, the director, says in the commentary that in the scene where Chuck is about to have his hand put in the blender, in order to get him to cry, he told him to think about his parents dying.

How awful is that?


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