Slow Sunday

It’s been pretty rainy outside, dark and overcast all day. I’ve been in my pajamas all day, and plan to go back to sleep shortly.

When I first woke up, I put on my glasses, grabbed my book, and spent the next few hours still in bed, reading. And you know what? It felt fucking fantastic.

All of today, I’ve been puttering around the apartment. Things are clean, with the exception of my wreck of an office (and my wreck of a fridge). Read a bit. Studied a bit. Surfed a bit. All in all, a slow day. Where it was dark and gloomy outside, I kept most of the lights off inside the apartment as well. Today has been very quiet.

This whole weekend has been really refreshing. Off on my own, more or less. I feel like my reserves are charged up, and I’m ready to face next week. I expect a few late nights, and right now I’m feeling ready for them.

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