A Late Start

Today, the weather was pretty incredible. Warm, 50’s, and a good, strong sun overhead. Lazy me, I didn’t get out of bed until late, and by the time I stepped foot outside, it was close to 2:30 PM. Still, I covered a good bit of ground, all told.

My goal today was to just wander and take pictures. My final destination was going to be Filter, but I wanted to spend some time just walking around and exploring a bit. There’s a word that Justin or Alex mentioned to me, which describes a method of travel where you simply walk to an intersection, determine which direction strikes your fancy, and you go. A spasso may be the word. Or maybe it’s allontanarsi? At any rate, that’s more or less what I did, camera in hand.

One of the things that delayed me was my printing up all the poems that I had (sorta) organized, a while back. I printed out some 85 poems, which didn’t look like all that much on the computer screen… but printed out, I was actually taken by surprise.

I’ve printed out my old thesis collection before, but this was the first time I printed everything (at least, everything I thought wasn’t out and out crap). This batch included some of the short poems I’ve been trading with Matt, over the past year or so.

Of course, this particular batch needs to be further separated: poems I need to work on more, poems that require slight tweaking, poems that should most likely be thrown away. Still – seeing everything at once made me feel a certain degree of accomplishment, and most definitely put a spring in my step.

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