Artful Dodging

Justin and I spent a good part of tonight hanging out at the Artful Dodger. We talked some about work but drifted into art, our friends, the hunger that seemingly drives all of us… and made our way to topics beyond computers and our day to day work crap.

Actually, the conversation was very good. Too often, we get sucked into work or shop talk, and tonight we managed to escape that somewhat. Of course, we still geeked out a lot. But as the night wore on, it felt more and more like our days back in Bloomington, just hanging out and shooting the shit. It felt great, I must say.

Here’s a picture of what the night looked like, right at the point where we left.

I got to talk to Jamie a bit more tonight, which was really fun. I ended up buying her a drink (Duvall I think?), but before the night was over she ended up buying us shots. Sneaky. :)

Jamie and I discovered a mutual admiration for children’s books, and I found out a bit more about her. Surprises of surprises… she likes chess! I asked a lot about this, and it turns out she’s played since she was about 13.

I asked to play her sometime and found out that Mondays are super slow for her. So next week, I’m stopping by for a few games. We’ll see how things fare, and how quickly she’ll kick my ass.

Late night already, and an early meeting tomorrow AM. Off to sleep.

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