Lazy Day

Walked to Blockbuster and got some movies. I had grand designs on cleaning up the apartment, but that looks like it’s going to get pushed to tomorrow. A potentially bad week next week, work-wise, which might account for my tendency towards inertness this weekend. We’re heading to Mexico in June (woohoo!), but there’s a lot of crap to be done before that.

Anyhow – back to my lazy day:

Walking around, I saw a feather, caught on a branch. I’m not sure why random shit getting stuck in things is something that catches my eye. But apparently, it does.

Signs of Spring.

Here’s the one bit of cleaning I did. Now that most of my poems are off in the wild, I took down the ones I had pasted on my walls. The next thing to do is print out newer versions of the ones I’m not happy with, and start editing those.

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