Kind of a Big Dork

From: Ann
To: Felix
Subj: misc.


Now sorry I have been so remiss in the quick response department. The quarter just started, so thereís been syllabus writing, arguing with the library reserves people, students clamoring to get in my class because the other instructors are on crack… blah, blah, blah. Actually, one of the other instructors spends a good deal of his time stoned, but the other is definitely on the metaphorical crack, but I canít really say that to my students.

But, at any rate, I had to email to tell you youíre kind of a big dork. I say that lovingly, of course, and, I should mention, I say that also as someone who grew up in a town split in half by a river that had about four drawbridges spanning it. But thatís darn cute that youíve apparently never seen a bridge raised before. Yes, okay, so thereís something addictive about the blog, goddammit. And itís not like Iím a person easily addicted or anything. On a completely unrelated note did you know that no one makes yogurt without sugar in it. I mean, what are freaking diabetics supposed to do? Just not eat yogurt? The fruit… The active cultures… All the yogurty goodness… So diabetics are just having none of it?!

One good thing, though, is that I think I scored my own office for the quarter. Itís small and there isnít a window, but there are four walls, a door, a built in desk, and a book shelf and itís completely mine. That is, as long as no one else signs up for extra office space, which, for some strange reason, people donít want even though our TA office is for about 16 TAs and is smaller than the creative writing seminar room, swear to god. Seriously, if you ever thought poetry was the most marginalized art form, think again, sister.

Oh, and wouldnít that be funny if I started calling you sister! You know, like the hardened but desperate men of film noir who will grab their leading dame by the shoulders, shake her a little, and say, listen, sister, if you think Iím taking the rap, youíve got it all wrong.

Yeah, okay, long day, Iíll admit it.



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