Round: Translated

Some of you might be familiar with a flash piece I made entitled Round. Well, I got an email from someone named Laura, who had stumbled across it. In talking with her, I mentioned that I didn’t really know what the words meant.

The song I used for Round is actually a German round for male voices, entitled Sing dem Herrn, and something I used to sing while I was in high school. I suppose we were taught what the words meant at some early point, but since learning the song… I’ve memorized the sounds, the notes.

Well, I got an email a bit later on, complete with a translation courtesy of Laura and her coworker:

Sing dem Herrn,
Alleluia, Alleluia,
Alle Leben ihm (or Alle lieben ihn),
Lobe seinen Namen
Singe mit Tabourine und Harfe

Sing to the Lord,
Alleluia, Alleluia,
Every living creature (or All who love him)
Praise his name
Sing with tambourine and harp

Awesome. I think Liz may have helped me translate the words once, but today is the first time I’ve seen it spelled out like this. And… it’s finally recorded into the blog.

After all this time singing the song, it’s weird to see the words spelled out properly. They look familiar, but don’t match up at all to the way it’s stored up in my head.

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