Went out and about this

Went out and about this morning, and ran a ton of errands. Grabbed stuff from Target and Staples, and got a lot of office supplies. Mostly, storage stuff for all the extra clutter in my house. But I did get a few items for the office – a magnetic dry erase board, an extra trash can, and this guy:

Yeah, it’s a paper shredder. Thrilling stuff, I know. There hasn’t been this much office supply action since I got my printer.

And at this point, if you’re asking yourself “Jesus, what won’t this guy document?” Well, let me tell you, friend. There’s not much. :)

Here’s something interesting – normally, this thing was about $30 – 40. But when I got it, a few of the guys working the floor told me that this thing was going on sale tomorrow, for about $15. And as I started to walk away (figuring I’d come back tomorrow), they suggested I just buy it and return with the receipt. “You’d be surprised,” one of the guys told me “how fast these things go when they’re on sale.”

So… I’m heading back there tomorrow, receipt in tow. I mentioned this to Justin, and he asked me to grab one while I was there. If you want me to get you one… drop me a line before 10:30 tomorrow morning. :)

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