West Wing: Season Four

I bought Season 4 of The West Wing today. It’s like I now have my own vial of crack around the house.

I’m still amazed that, as popular as this show is, it’s only got the crappiest of websites. For people like me (who don’t really watch all that much television), I’d actually visit more if there were anything worthwhile on the site. Maybe I should go looking for fansites instead. It just seems a waste – the show must make a decent amount of money. How can such a great show have such a shitty website?

And before any of you make fun of me for taking a picture of the DVD cover, check here. This is all old hat by now.

West Wing – it’s one of my favorite soap operas shows ever!

Interesting sidenote: after an episode of the show, I got interested in Aimee Mann’s cover of James Taylor’s “Shed a Little Light.” Apparently, a lot of people (me included) are looking for this track.

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