Disturbing Discovery

This afternoon, as I walked out my door to get my afternoon coffee, a line of elementary schoolkids walked by. It was a mix of kids, boys and girls, ranging in age (some really short kids, some kids as tall as me). As I walked down the street, I passed by a boy and girl who had lagged behind a bit, dallying near my place. At this point, most of the other kids were down the street at the end of the block.

As I passed, I realized that the boy and girl were totally making out. Now, realize, this is like a 4th grade dude and his 3rd grade girlfriend. Totally mashing face right there on the sidewalk. In front of me, there was this super short kid (I’m guessing 2nd grade?), who kept turning around, pointing at the couple, and laughing.

Have I become incredibly old? Or are kids just growing up faster than I realize? They were elementary school kids for god’s sake – and tongue wrestling in the middle of the sidewalk! I swear to Christ, I expected crayons and drawings of the fucking Easter Bunny to fall out of their backpacks.

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