Belated Gift Exchange

Made plans to hang out with Liz and Steph tonight. We were originally going to go to some new bar on North/Damen called “The Tavern,” but it ended up being way too crowded. Instead, we met up at a place called “Celebrity,” which used to be a seafood place called Nola’s.

We had a belated Christmas gift exchange. Check this out – I got two awesome books. One on how to tweak/modify everyday objects… the other a Gaiman/Zulli graphic novel. Awesome!

Random artwork that caught my eye.

A local artist named Rico that was working in the corner of the room. There was some art thing going on tonight, and I guess they hired him to be on-site and do his thing. He had a few of his other paintings scattered around the bar.

I did end up getting his card, but there’s no actual URL on the thing – just the name of the place, called “Studio 71.”
Liz was showing off her new digital camera, and the two of us were taking a lot of shots. The waitress ended up coming over and asking if we wanted here to take a group shot – Liz, Steph. and me.

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