First Tourney

So… I decided to enter into a Texas Holdem tournament this weekend. It’s to take place on Sunday at 2 PM. It’s inside a bar (back in a private room, apparently), and well… I’m a little excited, a little nervous.

It’s a $65 buy-in, and so far the rumor is that there are 100 people who have signed up. I learned about this through Mike, and the two of us wlil be entering into the fray this Sunday.

I’ve played a fair amount of Holdem, but I have no idea how I’ll fare. Will I make it to the final table? Will I get my ass handed to me in the first five minutes? Though the potential prize money is a big incentive, I’m mostly curious how well I’ll do. More than anything, I want to test my faculties against other players.

I feel confident in my abilities, and I’m positive that I’ll do well. I’ve played a goodly number of games with coworkers and friends… and now I’m looking to see how I do out in the real world.

And on a side note… we played a quick impromptu poker game after work today, at around 5:45 PM. I ended up successfully defending my ownership of the Lord and Master Stein™. This means I’m poised to try to go for a three-peat, something that I don’t think has been done so far.

I take the win tonight as an exceedingly good omen. Wish me luck.

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