Decisions, decisions, decisions

Spent the day doing more work on the new experiment. Getting closer now, and I even got official permission to use the music track I’ve had my ear on these past few days. Sweet!

Working on a design/layout for the thing, and I’m not feeling all that inspired. It’s ok I guess, but part of the look makes me wish I had more design skills to bring to the table. It’s fairly minimal, but I feel I lean towards that because I’m not really able to do more complex stuff.

Still, things are progressing nicely. I’ve re-batched the images I want (which took a hell of a long time), and I’m probably at 75%. Good day today.

Got a call late tonight from Justin, inviting me out to a party where women would be mud-wrestling. It was some sort of BYOB deal, and they were raising money for charity.

I turned this DOWN, people. Because I wanted to stay home and work on my little project. Writing this now, it’s still a little hard to believe.

+1 for the inner nerd I guess. Or, uh… take a point away. Depending on how you’re scoring this.

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