A random shot of a box of candles. These were leftovers from my birthday party. Which, I know… I’ve still yet to update.

Soon. Soon. I promise.

This is a shot of some recent books I’ve ordered off Amazon. I went on a binge about a week ago, and I’ve got a ton to dive into.

Lots of recommendations, from friends and online sources. The McCullers book is something Liz was reading, when I first met her. The prison book and the Dawkins were both books I saw on BoingBoing. The memoir about money was a recommendation from Gretchen. And the Tufte I’ve heard about for years – first through Kent, and thereafter from several folks I know and respect from online. And the books of poetry by Hicok… I’ve known his work since I was in grad school, but it was (my other friend named) Gretchen who helped re-aquaint me with him by passing along his poem, Bars Poetica.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been in a reading phase. I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine, trying to get to bed earlier so I can read for an hour or so before sleep.

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