A Theory of Fun

A few days ago
, I mentioned how Chris and I were working on a game for work. Well, in addition to “Joystick Nation,” I wasn’t very familiar with any good books on games or game theory in general.

Partly, I wanted to read what other people thought. Partly, I’m trying to prepare for an upcoming meeting we have, to discuss the role of games in our workplace. And while I’ve played my fair share and know what I enjoy about games, I don’t know that I’ve ever tried to fully articulate those things.

A few days ago on BoingBoing, Chris and I both saw a post about Ralph Koster’s “A Theory of Fun for Game Design.” I was able to glance over a few pages, and I can’t wait to delve in. Chris is out of the office for a few days (out of state wedding), but I think he’s planning on tracking down a copy himself, to read over the weekend.

Can’t wait to dig into this, as it seems like a quick read. And an interesting one to boot (as if the title didn’t sell me instantly, the Will Wright intro sealed the deal).

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