Pandora Podcast: The Basics of Vocal Harmony

When I was in San Francisco and met up with my friend Kevin, he told me about the upcoming podcast that Pandora was launching. Not only were they about to launch, but he was the host! How cool is that?

Well they just went live yesterday, and I was able to check it out. The first podcast is called The Basics of Vocal Harmony, and they do a good job going into some of the definitions (the singing examples really work well to complement the narration). I think Kevin breaks some of the more technical aspects down quite well (making things accessible to people who might not have the same degree of music theory/training that he’s had).

Another cool thing I noticed was that on the podcast page itself, they have links to some of the artists that were cited as examples of vocal harmony. A nice way to tie things back to Pandora.

Good good stuff – I definitely recommend giving this a listen. And if you’ve got questions or topics you’d like to see covered, definitely drop Kevin a line. I’m sure he’d be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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