Monster Bag!

So – all that fabric Liz bought yesterday? She liked the bag mentioned on BoingBoing a few weeks back, but decided she could spend less money by making it herself. So… she took her supplies and we headed down to Frankfort (where I hung out with her family, and she worked with her mom to sew the monster bag together).

I spent most of my time hanging out with Darryl and Tricia in the living room, watching a bit of football, the two-hour premiere of 24, and reading a bit. I made it a point to step into the next room every once in a while, to take a quick pic or two of the monster bag progress.

Liz and her mom, doing some initial planning.

Sewing machine, set up and reading to go.

Preliminary mouth and some notes.

Nothing says “monster” like triangle teeth.

Liz begins sewing.

She and I seem to have the same intense “stare of concentration.” If you want to see mine, check out the video where I’m playing Guitar Hero at Chris’ house.

Lots of fuzzies means lots of progress.

Liz and her mom, doing some last minute adjustments w/ the laptop inside the case.

All done!

Closeup pic.


I don’t think Liz has a name yet for this guy (although the pink feather accent makes me think it’s a gal). Name suggestions, anyone?

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