Operation Costume, Take 3

A long while back, I set up a “Google Alert” to keep an eye out for the word avoision. I rarely check my Gmail account, but today I happened to pop in and saw a few mentions.

Lo and behold, I get taken to a YouTube video of a guy in an Operation Costume. Turns out he got inspired, and decided to crank things up a notch.

Check out the video:

If you want a detailed walkthrough of how he created the costume (lots of electronics schematics that I don’t quite understand), take a peek at the build page.

This photo is fantastic, as it pairs both Twister and Operation. On top of that, my understanding for the Twister costume is that she carried a cooler behind her. People would “spin” for a color, and whatever color they got – they had to eat a Jello shot of that same color. Genius!

It’s cool stumbling across things like this. I’m proud of my costume from so long ago, but it’s a great feeling to see others running with it and making their own variations. Today’s discovery is the third variation I’ve seen; the first two I saw I mentioned here and here.

Ah, man. This is totally making me miss Halloween. Now I’m kicking myself for being Frumpy McFrumperson last October.

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