Justin’s Move

Swung over to Justin’s place today, to help with his move. He’s packing up his apartment, putting a lot of things into storage, and heading to back home to Evansville for a little while.

I think he’s got travel plans set up, and he’s looking to tour around the US and possibly even India later on in the year.

By the time I showed up, a good number of things were already stored or moved.

Dave and Justin, looking over a book.

I showed up in time to help with the transport of his bed. Justin’s dad (Mark) and I loaded up his truck, and tied things down as best we could.

We improvised a bit, and used a combination of straps and bunjee cords. The gloves, I thought, were a nice touch to prevent the hooks from scratching the side of the truck.

Justin’s dad, Mark, setting up the directions to the storage facility in his GPS guide. He and I had a fun talk on the way down, and spent a very pleasant hour plus transporting things over to the storage site.

Later on in the afternoon, Howard and Liz joined us to help pack the truck with some of the larger items. A tarp was thrown over the bed of the truck… and we got hit with a nice downpour right as we started moving things out. Of course, the rain lasted long enough to soak everyone during the process… and let up only after the truck was loaded up, and the tarp secured.

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