Looking for Love: NY Girl of My Dreams

NY Girl of My Dreams

Man I hope this is genuine, and isn’t some cheap ploy for a movie or TV show. Despite the snarky responses I’ve seen about this, it still strikes me as a bit romantic.

This definitely reminds me of the time I came across several found notes from Janeen to Jason. And, despite my best efforts at finding closure, I doubt I’ll ever know the end of that particular story. I hope this guy fares better.

I guess it depends on how you care to look at things: romantic or creepy, lonely or hopeful, glass half empty or full. I guess it all comes down to one person looking for another. As easy as it is to mock that, I’m trying to hold back that impulse. It’s what we’re all doing, after all.

Apparently, there’s a bit more follow-up in this video by the guy. [via]

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  1. Terribly romantic. Hope it’s true. WHY didn’t he just go talk to her?? Let this be a lesson to all! Just be gutsy for a minute and say, “hi.” It’s got to be easier than putting up a website and video!

    Layla Reply

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