That is a Very Large Television

I’ve been looking into getting a new TV for a while now, and tonight I decided to pull the trigger. After work, Liz and I went to go pick up a Sony Bravia (the 40″ KDL-40V3000).

In talking with Dan, Liz’s brother in law, I got a good overview of the things I should be looking for in a TV (sidenote: Dan’s got the largest television I’ve ever seen). He gave me a few things to watch out for, and a few brand name recommendations.

I also got a Consumer Reports account (a one-month subscription), and did a bit of comparison shopping as well. The Bravia was rated highly, and their listing also influenced my decision as well. That, and all of their amazing commercials didn’t hurt, either.

Out of the box, and onto the (new) TV stand.

Not the greatest image, but it’s how things look all set up and plugged in. So far, the image looks pretty crisp, but I need to read up on all the different screen settings and whatnot.

Regular TV channels are ok, but we’ll probably look into cable or some other service. Regular DVDs are also looking really good (we watched an episode of Six Feet Under), but even there… there are more settings and configurations for me to look into. We haven’t purchased a high-def DVD player yet, as I’m not sure who’s going to come out on top in the format wars.

The whole night, during both the setup process and the TV watching process, I kept saying over and over “That is a very large television.” I still can’t get over the size of the thing. Geeky, techy goodness.

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  1. what are you doing tonight? lets watch some TV!?!?!

    ben Reply

  2. it is indeed a very large tv – but in front of the fireplace?! somewhere, the god of architecture weeps….

    g Reply

  3. Not a problem, because you know what? Problem… solved!

    avoision Reply

  4. holy cats! can i watch the osu/michigan game there next wknd??!

    a Reply

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