The Pingmaster Trophy: Final Ping Pong Game

It started with the arrival of the ping pong table. After a few days of friendly play, the competetive nature of our office took hold. An idea, nay, a challenge took hold.

And that challenge was to be known as The Pingmaster Trophy.

A tournament bracket was created, and numerous games/weeks later… there were only two left: me and Kashif.

Due to all the work going on the past few weeks, we’ve been unable to pin down a good time to play our final match. Today though, we were able to set up a window around noon, and stepped to the table.

It should be noted that the tournament was set as double elimination, and so far… Kashif had yet to lose. So were I to defeat him for the trophy, I’d have to beat him twice. Also, Kashif was the one who I lost to, last time we played.

Masha was kind enough to man the camera, and take a some photos/videos of the final match:

First game, I won by a decent margin.

Second game, Kashif took the win.

Kashif, the official owner/winner of The Pingmaster Trophy.

Congratulations, Kashif! If there was anyone who I think deserves that trophy, it’s you. Your hard work and can-do spirit is something I’ve always admired, and you truly earned the name “Pingmaster.” I applaud your skills, and your sportsmanship!

Ever since he first showed up at the office, I knew this guy was trouble. We hired him on officially in 2005 despite my protestations and objections, but I was ridiculed out of the room. Ever since then, he’s gone on to win all the fun stuff. Hello? Anyone remember that super sweet light saber that Kashif took home?

Congrats, Kashif. Nice games! :)

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  1. I’ve been reviewing tape and I believe Kashif may have performed a carry on a short ball return. Just sayin’.

    chris Reply

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