Douglas Coupland’s JPod Reminds Me of the Hulk Gloves

I recently purchased Douglas Coupland’s JPod over the holidays. I was a big fan of microserfs, and heard about this “follow-up” novel a while ago… and only just now picked it up (it was published back in 2003).

While not an actual sequel, the style is somewhat similar… and the quirkiness is as well. So far, I’m finding it a bit weird, but still enjoyable.

Sidenote: In grad school, circa 1999, I faithfully re-created the Lego guy on the cover of microserfs. Instead of taking him with me, I left him on my desk, in my graduate office. I wonder if he’s still there or not.

Today though, I found something that I’d like to share.

First, let me show you the page from the book that caught my eye. Let me direct your attention to this photograph:

Specifically, I’m talking about the left page.

Now… let me redirect your attention to this old blog entry, also from 2003.

Heh. :)

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