Dinner with Jake, Jessy, and an Upside Down Bunny

Jake and Jessy stopped by this evening, for a dinner over at our place. The two of them were travelling in Nicaragua over Christmastime, and recently got back to the States a few weeks back. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out with them, so tonight had us all catching up a good bit.

I remember learning that Jessy used to work with animals, and used to have rabbits of her own. Next thing we know, she walks into the room with Baxter tucked into her arms – a surprising site, as I’ve NEVER seen anyone pick up Baxter, not even Liz.

An upside down shot of the bunny – check out those little feet up in the air. The whole time, Baxter was pretty docile and seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the attention.

Bunny sideview. Amazingly, we were all able to pet Baxter’s tummy – an area that she normally doesn’t like touched. I think Baxter was a bit overwhelmed at the whole being-picked-up process, but all in all she looked like she enjoyed it well enough.

I may have to give this a go on my own sometime, and see if I can get Baxter to be as relaxed when I pick her up.

After dinner, the four of us retired out to the living room for some dessert and cracked open our third bottle of wine. We had the TV on in the background, and as luck would have it we tuned in to Wilco on Austin City Limits – a nice backdrop to the evening.

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  1. Wow, Jessy is like “The Dog Whisperer” but for bunnies!!

    Layla Reply

  2. She’s good in bed too :)

    Jake Reply

  3. She holds you upside down (in bed) and clips your finger nails too?

    liz Reply

  4. I can promise you there is no clipping Jakes finger nails..or holding upside down…

    Jessy (bunny whisperer) Reply

  5. Adorable! Look at me mom. Glad you got that bunny photo. Those strawberries look yummy!

    Endless Boudoir Reply

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