Error #0401 – Site Issues Continue

Gaah. I encountered a pretty weird issue earlier in the day (Error #0401). It’s mostly taken care of at this point, but some folks might see it from time to time.

If you run into it, no worries. Just don’t delete anything if you happened to get forwarded to the admin page. I’ve got an expedited support ticket sent to my host, and this all should be resolved in the next 30 minutes or so.

There’s always some bugginess the first of every month. I guess seeing as it’s April First, today should be no exception.

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  1. Ok. I think it’s all sorted out. Can someone using a PC (IE or Firefox) check this test page, and verify you’re no longer seeing the issue?Mac folks – I think the error has been resolved for Safari, but I’d love to hear if you’re still able to see it. I’ve set up a Safari test page as well.Thanks for the help, all!

    avoision Reply

  2. Safari gets to the serious business page along with Firefox for me. [/mac]Thing is if I click on the links in your post, I still can get there. Is that supposed to happen or would this issue still be considered not-fixed?

    Yreka Reply

  3. Hm. I still see the Error #0401 page, from time to time. The biggest worry for me is whether or not people can get in to my Admin/Control Panel page as a result.Anyone inside the Admin/Control Panel page has access to the blog’s database, and could end up deleting stuff… which is bad. If you click on the link at the bottom of the error page, it should prompt you for a username/password. It’s doing that right?Because otherwise… yikes!

    avoision Reply

  4. Very, very, funny. Happy April Fools Day, Felix.

    Peter Lucas Reply

  5. Looks like IE6 is good to go, but I’m still seeing issues with later browers. Can someone using IE7 try this out, and tell me if you can get the error?

    avoision Reply

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