Liz’s First Fondant Cake

During our errands last weekend, one of the places we stopped at was Michael’s (an arts/crafts chain store). There, Liz picked up a few cake-related items… specificallly: Fondant.

I had never really heard of Fondant before, but after seeing what it was (and a few examples), I recognized it. I naturally assumed it was icing of some kind, which I guess it sort of is. In looking over some examples in some of the reference books at the store, it was pretty amazing to see what you can make with Fondant.

Liz’s first attempt at a Fondant cake. I was in the office for most of the day, working on my latest project, so I didn’t get any of the “before” shots. Suffice it to say, Liz was working a good while, kneading the Fondant and getting it blue.

FYI Fondant comes mostly in white, but you can add in whatever colors you want. To transform it though, there’s a lot of kneading and rolling to get the color to appear evenly.

And the final product! Not too shabby for her first time.

So you all know, I’ve been stressing to Liz how supportive I am, with all this Fondant decorating. In fact, I’ve proposed that she have multiple cakes, maybe even one or two extras as “backup” cakes, just in case something goes wrong. One can never be too safe about these things.

I don’t think she bought the “backup” cake idea though, as she was giving me some funny looks. It might have been because of the fork in my hand.

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  1. Fondant is super easy to make, too. (hi I linked through mellzas lj)

    sharon Reply

  2. Hi Sharon,Care to share any fondant recipes?In my online research I saw a recipe for a Marshmallow fondant I may attempt to make. But anything to make the fondant taste better (by making it one’s self) sounds great!

    Liz Reply

  3. awesome. reminds me of the super mario toadstools.

    ben Reply

  4. IT LOOKS GREAT, LIZ!!! Congrats! Now you have to give me all your special tips & tricks!

    Jane Reply

  5. I’d eat that.

    chris Reply

  6. That looks awesome, Liz! I’m not brave enough to try fondant, but I’ve been tempted! I love the cute things you can do with kids’ cupcakes with fondant! Keep at it, you’ll be opening a pastry shop soon!!

    Layla Reply

  7. As a pastry chef (graduated Jan 2005 from Le Cordon Bleu/Texas Culinary) I have to say that, Liz, it looks fantastic!! Well done! One thing to remember with fondant is that it will not hide things well. If the cake is uneven, etc. it’ll still look that way after the fondant is laid. Solution? Ice lightly with buttercream and place in freezer for about 20 minutes, then ice again lightly and smooth with your palette knife (or whatever you’re using). Dip the knife in hot water and shake off excess to smooth the icing, it’ll turn out perfect. Then roll and cover!Most important… HAVE FUN! And again, great job!(ps: I came across this site by being directed to “Astronaut”. Fantastic work with that too.

    Kirk Lammert Reply

  8. This comment is of course late. I came across your blog because I was looking for wedding/reception sites in Chicago and your pics came up. But as it happens I too share a passion for making cakes! I’ve made that marshmallow fondant. It’s messy but tastes so much better! And as a weird bonus, because you grease your hands with Crisco, they get nice and soft. Crisco is the best moisturizer. Who knew? Good luck with your cake making! It’s nice to see pics!

    Lesley Reply

  9. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s different methods to make the mmf. :) I actually only use crisco when i’m mixing the fondant up. When I go to roll it out, I use the powdered sugar method of rolling, so I never get that greasy or messy.I saw this great site yesterday, and am now determined to try and make some macarons. Have you ever tried to make them? for the kind words. :)

    Liz, the fianc?©e Reply

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