Tontie, Revisited: Addictive Flash Numberpad Game

I had good intentions of waking up early to do some work, and to post something here… but I ended up sleeping in, and not quite having enough time to do either. Body’s catching up to me, I suppose.

To tide you over, here’s a link to a fantastic game called Tontie.

This is from an old, old post of mine some years back. But the game is still quite enjoyable. And incredibly addictive.

There are some great games over at eyezmaze. In particular, the Grow series is just delightful and so much fun.

Bit of a scramble for me this morning. Had to go digging through the archives for this one today.

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  1. Gotta love that game! :D

    Anonymous Reply

  2. Blast from the past! I love love love this game. Thanks for nudging this post with a comment, and reminding me how fun this is to play!

    avoision Reply

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