Brunch with Alex, Linda and Justin – Lincoln Park

Found out from Justin earlier in the week that Alex and Linda were in town for an annual coffee convention. As some of you may know, Alex and Linda run Kavarna, a vegetarian coffeehouse in Green Bay, WI. And on top of that, they’re looking to expand their business in the near future.

Our original plans were to meet up for brunch at Ja’ Grill, but we got there a little ahead of their opening hours. So instead, we ventured over to Nookies and were able to beat the morning rush.

Johanna, showing quite the early aptitude for jazz hands.

Justin with Linda and Frida.

Poppa Alex with Johanna, as she’s licking off some melted chocolate chips from a knife.

It was a short visit overall, but I’m happy to have finally met Frida in person for the first time. Linda noticed that the last time we were all together for brunch, Johanna was about Frida’s size. Hard to believe that was so long ago.

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