Liz Makes Pumpkin Hazelnut Donuts

After work yesterday, Liz decided to spend part of the evening making donuts. And not just any old donuts, but pumpkin hazelnut donuts.

Cutting out the individual pieces.

Donuts and donut holes.

The final donuts, prior to cooking. All in all there was about a tray and a half.

The first few donuts, fresh from the oil.

The donuts after being dipped in a coating of sugar.

The final batch. They were pretty hot at first, but ended up being quite delicious. I’m not usually a big fan of pumpkin, but these donuts were pretty awesome.

My wife rocks.

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  1. my god yes. your wife rocks. Can i get a recipe? i’d love to do this with my kids in a couple of weeks.

    ben Reply

  2. I was thinking earlier that I should have posted up the recipe. I’ll add it in to the original post when I get back home.I am eating a donut now, and they are even more delicious when mixed with coffee.

    avoision Reply

  3. is one of the best websites ever. It started my craving for macarons. :)Notes: I just used canned pumpkin instead of using a fresh one, since I was in a rush to make these.If you need help with the conversions from grams to cups, let me know and I’ll make them again. Also I can send Felix to work with some hazlenut flour if you like. I have some extra in my fridge that needs to get used.Also next time around, I would add a bit more of the spices to these. They were tasty, but I would like them to have *more* flavor; but that’s just me.

    Liz Reply

  4. Or… my wife will take care of it.

    avoision Reply

  5. you’re both something special.

    ben Reply

  6. ooh, Peabe and I has been really missing donuts out here. Maybe I’ll try it out this weekend too! Thanks Liz and Felix, they look awesome!

    Jamielyn Reply

  7. Awww…you said your wife! And she does rock! She makes me hungry…all the time, what with the macarons, and the cakes with fancy fondant, and now donuts!! Geesh. Nice job, Liz!

    Marty J. Reply

  8. We made some pumpkin donuts this past weekend, ate so many that we all felt sick. Johanna actually took the additional step of projectile vomiting. We had so much fun that last night Linda ran out and bought a deep fryer.

    Alex Reply

  9. Projectile vomiting sounds terrible! But glad to hear you guys had fun. Did you end up using this recipe or another one?The deep fryer sounds fantastic and dangerous, all at the same time. It leads to things like deep fried pizza, and making your own Scotch Eggs.

    avoision Reply

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