To My Friends Who Are Lost Fans

So I wasn’t in the office today, but I’m really curious to find out what Lost fans thought of the final episode.

Six years in the making is a long time, and it seems to me that there’s no good way to effectively (with any real satisfaction) wrap up such a large, sweeping timeline of characters and events.

A few questions for you all: what did you think of the final episode? Did they do the best they could, given the time? Do you feel let down in any way? Cheated?

I saw some rumblings about this, but was the ending sort of a “and it was all just a dream” type of endings?

Here’s a final loaded question (which I think I know the answer to). Was it worth it? Worth six years of watching and theories and discussion? My sense is that most would say yes, and the bulk of the enjoyment happens outside of the show, talking with others and trying to stitch the different details together.

It’s neat, from my point of view, to see so many people moved and interested in story. While I haven’t watched many episodes myself (I just watched the Pilot, which was very good)… I understand the draw.

Just curious what you all think of it, now that the story has come to a… close?

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  1. Well I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading blogs since it ended. I have to say that now I’m more of a fan of the last episode than I was. I really appreciate how they did it. Reading the blogs and thoughts of others on the last episode cleared things up for me when I re-watched the ending. I recommend watching this show if you haven’t ever seen it. They are all streaming on Netflix so you have no excuse. :)

    TJ Mapes Reply

  2. Even if the finale had utterly sucked, the six years’ investment would have been well, well worth it. The debate, the discussion, the mysteries, the confusion – it extended the entertainment value well beyond the one hour (or 125 hours) sitting in front of the television screen.However, I found the finale deeply satisfying, and even more so after having read a couple of well-written interpretations of it. The main storyline was addressed in a pretty straightforward fashion, but there was a metaphysical storyline that many people found ambiguous. It definitely was not a Newhart-style “it was all a dream” ending. Everything that happened on the island was absolutely “real”. There was a lot of room for interpretation with the final scenes that dealt with some of the metaphysical aspects. I think that is where some of the (misguided, in my opinion) dream chatter is coming from. I felt like the primary island line of the story was wrapped up as clear as could be, though.Totally worth it. It’s not a perfect show, and occasionally veered too much into relationship drama, but it has been a huge source of fun, debate, and camaraderie these last six years!

    Allison Reply

  3. One of these days, I think I’ll definitely watch the series. But the last show I got pulled in to was “The Wire.” I’m glad I saw it all, it was fantastic… but it was also a little all-consuming. And I don’t know how much of that I want, right now.Glad to hear the ending had more closure than I thought. I remember some talks a long time ago, as to whether Lost had some actual storyline… or if it was all a series of cliffhangers and surprises. Happy to hear the ending was more of a satisfying close.

    avoision Reply

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