Transform: New Game From Eyezmaze

A game designer I’ve admired for a long time (and whose games I’ve played now for literally years) is Eyezmaze. There are several links to prior games (below), and if you haven’t played any of the Grow series of games yet… you’re in for a treat. They’re a blast.

is the latest game from Eyezmaze, where you’re an antelope trying to avoid being eaten by a lion. This one is definitely odd. Rather than a Grow-like game with multiple paths and ending points, the progress with this game is a lot more linear (sorta).

Time, as opposed to button click/order, is the big challenge here. I’ve heard different things happen when you get faster (around 1:19 or faster), but have yet to get better than a “C” rating.

I’m delighted by the games that Eyezmaze creates. If this one isn’t to your liking, I can’t recommend enough either Grow RPG (which has an easier to follow storyline) or Tontie (one of the best numberpad games I’ve ever played).

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