A Quiet Moment at the LaSalle Blue Line Stop

After some quick post-work drinks with Justin and Ben over at Villains, I walked over to the LaSalle Blue Line stop. I noticed most folks were staying near the stairs, and the other half of the platform was relatively empty. Headed over and snapped a few photos.

There was something about the lights on the ceiling that made it feel a little cathedral like, despite the odd bit of trash here and there. Behind me there were people murmuring and shuffling about, but in front of me was perfect stillness.

A Man And His Tiger: Jackson Blue Line Stop, Chicago
Taking Chicago’s Blue Line, Completely In The Dark
Blue Line Window View – Dancing Wires
Looking Out the Rear Window, Chicago Blue Line
Tiny Tree, Logan Square Blue Line
Strange Signs, Logan Square Blue Line Stop


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  1. LOVE the second photo in particular. NICE!

    Ben Reply

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pics! Me and Cathie wanted to take a series all around the El (especially some of the older stops that haven’t been renovated and their signs…particularly at night). But we didn’t get a chance before we moved out of the city to this hellhole.

    Anthony Reply

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