Blue Line Window View – Dancing Wires

I’ve been meaning to capture this moment for a while now – on the Blue Line, heading in to the city… if you look out the windows to the right, you’ll see a series of wires setup alongside the tracks.

I’ve noticed that, if you pull your focus back and watch the window itself… the wires create this snaking, looping pattern as they enter and leave the window area.

I’m not sure if it comes across that well in this video. The effect is most noticeable when there’s a large grouping of wires (near the area where the train goes underground).

This clip is from the rear of a car, looking out one of the small windows. Ideally, one day I’ll be on an empty train that will allow me to shoot this clip through one of the larger windows, unobstructed.

Again, I’m not sure if this comes across that well or not. But it’s a neat little thing I notice from time to time, on my ride in to work. And each time I catch it, I can’t help but think of that fantastic Michel Gondry video for Star Guitar.

For a slightly more scenic view of the Blue Line, check out the video I shot a few years back – a view from the final car, looking out through the back window.

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  1. Oh yeah, I used to watch those wires all the time. Totally know what you’re talking about.

    juliet Reply

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