About a year ago, I picked up a copy of a book entitled Wisdom. Compiled by Andrew Zuckerman, the book interviews over sixty well known writers, musicians, actors, politicians… and asks them all to share their definition of what wisdom means.

Though I’ve never sat down to read the book all the way through, I’ve kept it around nearby. I flip open to a random place and read an interview or two, from time to time.

What I loved almost more than the book itself was the 60-minute full video that came with it. I remember watching bits of it, riding the Blue Line to and from work… and getting lost in thinking about what it means to be wise.

Here’s the trailer, and a peek at some of the interviews inside the book:

Also of interest: Zuckerman has created a similar book, centering around musicians talking about music. In particular I really liked this short clip of Sinead O’Connor, who reflects on music and God.

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