TSA to Announce Ban on Thongs Due to Backscatter False Positives

I swear to you: this is no Onion article. It’s like… it’s like the people at the TSA have no one on their team who understands marketing, or who understands how something like this can will totally just blow up in their faces. It’s just… amazing.

So apparently, thongs of all freaking things, are causing problems for those backscatter x-ray machines at airports, in that they’re triggering an unusually high number of false positives. Rather than a costly recall and recalibration (estimated at $12,000 per device, and also taking each device out of commission for 4+ weeks), the TSA is considering a temporary ban on thongs.

I know, I know. The operative word here is temporary. But I mean, come on – it’s like these guys don’t have enough PR disasters, they need to keep doing crap like this to enrage the public even more.

As can be expected, Bruce Schneider is having a field day with this one.

Watch Out Cisco, It’s the TSA! (BoingBoing)
It’s Always A Thong, Never Your Thong. (Wired: Danger Room)
Backscatter, False Positives, and the Long Thong of the Law (Huffington Post)

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  1. You,ve gotta be kidding me, what till the media gets ahold of that piece of idiotancy. I think they should be the first onces at the check point telling people they have to remove their thong underwear. Good grief!!!!!!!

    Paul Reply

  2. Surely that’s a Fools Day prank

    Paul Reply

  3. You got me, you bastard!

    Mellzah Reply

    • Then it was all worth it.

      avoision Reply

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