Pyrkon Dance 2012: Cosplay Fans Shake Their Thing

I went into this video not exactly sure what it was, but after a few seconds… found myself smiling, ear to ear. Looks like a Con of some kind, based in Poland. Everyone just looks like they’re having so much damn fun.

From the Vimeo page:

The relationship of the three fantastic days Pyrkonu 2012 (over 6500 participants). Neither was hurt when gżdacz this movie.

Got a little ways to go, Google Translate. But we love you for trying.

It’s awesome that everyone is dressed up in their own ways, dancing and very much doing their own thing. The geek in me is cheering all these folks on.

I think I’d do well at a convention, given my love of Halloween. Just haven’t crossed over that line just yet. Not sure why, just haven’t been all that motivated, I guess.

*rolls for initiative*

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  1. Yes this is in fact the biggest polish sf/fantasy convention. The second sentence has been wrongly translated:

    “Neither was hurt when g?dacz this movie.” – it should state: “No g?dacz wa hurd in production of this movie”. A g?dacz is a carefully crafted word for volountears helping out at the convention day but not being the orginizers. You can some of those guys wearing an orange T-shirt in this move (me included).

    If you’re inspired bout what you’ve seen be sure to visit us in march 2013. We’re open to foreginers and vast majority of the folks at Pyrkon speak fluently or at least communicativelly english, having hobbies best read about in the Lanugage of Kings :)

    The official website of Pyrkon is and I’ll allert the orginizers that an english site would be needed at this time. If for some reason the site doesn’t come up till 2013, feel free to drop a line to the oficial e-mail and I’m sure you’ll get a spot and participate in the Pyrkon Dance 2013 next year!

    Czarek Reply

  2. Yeah. “The report on the three fantastic days of Pyrkon 2012 (over 6500 participants). No g?dacz was hurt during the production of this movie”. Where g?dacz is a volunteer that helps with stuff during the convention.

    This is from an annual convention held in Pozna?, Poland. You actually should visit if you roll 1+ on d100 :) (I’m afraid that at the moment there’s precious little resources in English available regarding the convention)

    PiBis Reply

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