A Poem From Us: Call For Video Submissions

Yesterday marked the official halfway point of National Poetry Month, and the A Poem From Us project has gotten a good deal of attention and press. If you haven’t seen it since the launch, there have been a number of submissions since the beginning of this month.

Which leads me to the pitch: if you’re a reader of this blog, I’m encouraging you to submit a video.

I’ve solicited a lot of my writer/poet friends to send in videos, and I’ve loved how those have turned out. But I’m also interested in getting non-writers, folks who just happen to have a poem they really like and want to share.

Though there are a lot of really strong readers on the project site, to me the videos are all about sharing something you really dig. It’s not so much about high-def videos or proper recitation… any ‘ol webcam will do. In fact, the videos that are rougher in quality come off to me as more personal, more intimate.

A few folks have expressed some reservation in reading to a camera, and one suggestion I have is this: there’s nothing saying you need to stare into your webcam 100% of the time. Some folks have chosen to have a book open in their hands, or to have the poem pulled up on the screen. It’s perfectly fine if you want to read the poem while looking away the whole time.

However you choose to read your poem is fine. There’s no review or judging – the only rule is that the poem you read cannot be your own. Other than that… if we get a video from you, we’ll put it up.

We have poems from Shel Silverstein alongside Charles Bukowski and Percy Bysshe Shelley. It’s a good mix, and we’d love you to help mix things up.

If you have a favorite poem (one you remember from school, one that was read at your wedding), I’d love to include you on the project website. There’s two more weeks yet before the month is out, and I’d love to get more participants involved.

I’m looking at you, dear reader. Consider this your official invitation.

National Poetry Month Project: A Poem From Us

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