Poetry and Taxes

Though my wife is really good with numbers, I wanted to have our accountant handle our taxes this year. Having gotten an official check from Google and also receiving a $1,000 cash grant, I wanted to make sure we had our bases covered.

I’ve been going to see James C. Kamin since 2006, and if you’re in Chicago and are in need of someone to handle your financials… consider this a recommendation.

Inside James’ office, near the waiting area, I noticed several copies of Poetry Magazine. Later, when we were talking about the past year… I found out James is a fan of poetry!

Of course, I ended up telling him all about the A Poem From Us project. I even had a project sticker on me, which I gave to him. He was kind enough to pose for another picture, yet again,

In case you’re interested in contacting James, here’s his official info:

James C. Kamin and Co.
1409 North Wells
P: 312.751.1253
F: 312.751.8799

Receiving $1,000 From Awesome Foundation Chicago
First Google AdSense Check
Taxes Shmaxes (2006)
James C. Kamin: Certified Public Accountant, Chicago (2009)
Filing Taxes For The First Time (Jointly), 2010
Our Accountant: James C. Kamin

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