James C. Kamin: Certified Public Accountant, Chicago

I was successfully ahead of the tax deadline this year, and met up with my accountant James Kamin tonight to get my taxes in order. I say accountant, but it’s not like I’ve got tons of assets to manage – James is someone I see once a year to handle my taxes because, quite honestly, I just hate to do financial stuff. It’s worth the money to me to have someone take care of the work, while I don’t have to partake in the time or frustration of it all.

I took his photo when we first met, and felt like taking another tonight. I’ve been a little low on the photo angle lately, and wanted to document a bit more.

James has been pretty busy of late, as my appointment was for 8:30 PM. When I showed up, he was (no surprise here) backed up, and we didnt’ get rolling until 9:00 PM. I can only imagine the grueling schedule he’s got for the next few weeks (though I heard him mention the phrase next few months).

He was friendly and upbeat, despite having worked a full day (and then some). And he was pretty talkative, even when we were wrapping things up by 9:30PM.

If you haven’t gotten your taxes done yet, and would like someone to handle them for you in Chicago… I definitely recommend trying to meet with James. He’s pretty booked up, but he also file an extension for you and slot you for a time after the pre-April-15th rush.

His info is:

James C. Kamin and Co.
1409 North Wells
P: 312/751/1253
F: 312/751/8799

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  1. I personally love to do my own taxes. But that’s probably because they are easy for me to do. Yay refunds!As a side note, I found out that if I made more money, I would’ve had to pay the government back a portion of my “free” stimulus check. Beware all you self-tax-filers.

    Liz Reply

  2. Q: How do you get people to be so open to you taking their picture and stuff? I wish people would pose for me but they get all faux shy. Do you tell them you will post it on your blog, or do they all read your blog and it is assumed?

    Cousin Ellen Reply

  3. Ugh! I hate doing taxes, too. I wouldn’t even know how, and I’ve never done so before. Thank goodness my mom’s a CPA! Talk about luck!

    Barb Reply

  4. I’m usually upfront about what I’m doing. I ask permission, and I also make sure to let people (particularly strangers) know that it’s absolutely ok to say “no.” And I do tell folks that I want the photos for my blog.I typically try to follow up (quickly) with the fact that I keep a daily blog, and that it’s one that I’ve been updating for several years now. I try to emphasize that I simply like the whole documentation part, and that I’m a little odd about wanting to capture seemingly mundane things. Because… I guess I *am* a little odd in that respect.A lot of the times I’ll want to take photos at unusual times or events. For example, like when I visited the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, or happening across a $1,000 chair. Perhaps it’s that in my asking, I’m showing those subjects that the things they might find very ordinary and routine are actually, to people like me, quite extraordinary and different. And worthy of notice.At least, I hope that’s the case. Maybe a lot of strangers who I encounter just say yes so that I’ll just leave that much faster.I know that since starting the blog, I’ve definitely upped my extroversion. I’m not hi-howareya guy all the time, but I’m markedly less shy about approaching people I may not know.The trick to me is just asking. And expecting that people might say no. But finding that more often than not, they say yes.

    avoision Reply

  5. Well, after submitting to all sorts of journals, I’d pretty much expect a “no,” too! LOL

    Barb Reply

  6. This is the guy.It used to take eight monstrous beasts of burden, fifteen threats from the IRS and one real bitchy girlfriend to get me to an accountant, but no more. Now I’m one of the first to mail my tax returns, (if I don’t loose them).It’s like going to a Swedish pajama party with me being the only guy.

    Ken Reply

  7. Yeah, Jim rocks.

    T.C. Reply

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