Early Christmas in Frankfort

The holidays are a bit hectic this year, as Liz and I are trying to visit several places in a short amount of time. Given my new job and that it’s technically a 6-month contract position… I don’t get any official vacation time off. So far, I’m just off on the days the company is closed: December 25th and January 1st.

So we’re trying to make the most of the time we have, visiting folks when we can. This weekend, we headed off to Frankfort to hang out with Julie and Bob, staying the weekend there.

The house in Frankfort is always such a comfortable place, and it’s even moreso during the holidays. Julie and Bob set up numerous trees, and every room is awash with the soft glow of decorative lights. The word that comes to mind is: cozy.

Dining room, looking into the main living room.

A small tree, lighting up the hallway near the stairwell and front door.

Main living room, where we spent a good portion of the late evening (opening up some gifts).

After a lovely, filling dinner (meatloaf, potato pie, green beans – perfect comfort food)… Julie served up some creme brulee she had made. Both Liz and her mom have small torches expressly for such desserts… but since Bob had his blowtorch nearby, we decided to use that instead.

In a way, this was a kind of perfect combination – Julie’s work in the kitchen, finished off by using one of Bob’s work tools. The industrial grade blowtorch made it all the more delicious, I think.

Christmas Eve in Frankfort, 2011
Valentine’s Day Dinner

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