First Q&A via Phone (Er, Skype)

Spent some time earlier tonight on a Skype call, doing an over-the-phone interview for a Q&A piece I hope to post up here soon. Pretty excited about how it went, as this was my first time “interviewing” someone I don’t know in real life – and I’ve enjoyed the process immensely so far.

I’m holding off on specifics here for now, as I’ve still got some more legwork to do. But the folks I’ve talked to have been really generous with their time, and I’m delighted to have gotten access to some cool people simply by asking. If this first attempt goes well, I’ll be seriously considering trying to do more of this kind of thing in the future.

The interview lasted about an hour, which leaves me with a great deal of audio to transcribe. Not quite 100% on how I’ll convert the audio to text, but one thought I have for now is to try out Dragon Dictation, putting my iPhone up near my computer’s speakers. See how far that takes me, and then try to clean up the rest by hand.

Now I’m really glad I tracked down those shortcuts for transcribing audio. Gonna come in really handy, real soon.

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