Civilizations Take a Lot of Time

Especially when you’re bad at building them.

Last weekend, I fired up an old copy of Civilization IV and got sucked in for a solid day. I have to confess – I’m bad at the game. I know there are forums upon forums out there discussing various strategies, and so forth… but I mostly just peck my way through the game, and typically shoot for the space-race win (there are a variety of scenarios in which you can “win” the game, one of which is being the first country to launch a ship into outer space).

To me, playing the game was akin to zoning out. Unlike a lot of FPS games where you’re twitchy and getting motion sick from running around… this game feels more like watching your hard drive defrag. This is probably heresy for people who actually know what they’re doing playing Civ, but I’m mostly just nudging my civilization along and trying my best to keep its growth on track.

Mostly, I think playing this game is scratching the itch of waiting for Sim City to arrive, at least for the Macs. The date keeps getting pushed back, as it was first “Spring 2013” then “June,” and now sometime in August.

It’s tough being on the Mac side of things, always waiting for the Mac ports to get done after the PC version. Makes sense, but doesn’t make the waiting any easier. I wish things didn’t take so long to get built.

See what I did there?

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