Civilization: Elevator Video Mural, Depicts Heaven/Hell as You Go Up/Down

is a video mural on display at the Standard hotel. As the elevator goes up, the visuals change to depict images of heaven; as the elevator goes down, the visuals change to depict images of hell. The project was a collaboration between Marco Brambilla and Crush.

Though the video is on Vimeo, you absolutely have to view it here to see all the details. I was really tempted to post the video here on the blog, but you just simply have to see it at a larger size.


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  1. This is a very cool concept. When I first read it though, I thought WOW, what a unique installation of a wallcovering mural print. (Full building height, 150 feet high x 6’wide.) (Viewed like varying subway images at the station.But wouldn’t it be cool to create something like this for a glass elevator installation? that is, unless you LIVE or work on the bottom floor…. Kind of depressing, I would imagine…. Dante’s inferno and all…Matthew J. Orley

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