Desert Golfing: Incredibly Simple and Maddeningly Addictive Game

Over the holidays, I happened across a list of 2014 Games. I got a few, and the one that really captured my attention (and time) was Desert Golfing.

The game has really just one control: you pull back and an arrow appears, indicating the direction you wish to hit your ball. The longer the arrow, the stronger the force. You can choose the speed and direction, but that’s about it.

There is no such thing as “par” for a hole. All you see is a flag, indicating the hole number. And however many strokes you take, those strokes get added to your overall score. Screwed up and it took you 10 attempts to get the ball in the hole? Plus ten. Got a hole in one? Plus one. No fanfare, no explosions, no indication that anything special happened. Just plus one, and on to the next hole.

Most of the holes look like this image (above). The first two are total anomalies, as there’s usually nothing around save the sand. I’ve seen one cactus, one water hazard, and one rock. That’s it.

At Hole #1,000, the Game Center gets activated and your score gets added to the global leaderboard. I thought I was doing fairly ok, as I got to making a hole in one every third hole or so. But it turns out some of the top players in the world have me beat by 1,000+ strokes!

I don’t know why this game is so addictive, as it’s incredibly simple. I’ve literally said to myself “Just one more, and then I’m done” more than once, in all seriousness. It’s designed to be a game you can pick up and set down at any time, but it’s the setting down part that’s difficult.

It’s a fun game worth checking out. But be warned that it’s incredibly addictive. For reference, I am currently on hole #1,310 and my current score is 3288. Yeah.

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