Bob’s Custom Signpost – Delivery and Installation

Many months ago
, Bob started on a side project where he was building a sign post for an old golf sign. Don, a friend of his, has a house that sits on the border of a golf course – and Don had gotten his hands on one of the old/original signs for one of the holes. But what he needed was a post large enough (and appropriate enough), to support the sign for his yard.

Here’s the actual sign. Work began on this guy in early June.

I didn’t get to document the entire process, but I have a few shots – a few glimpses so that you can see how things began.

Here’s a detail shot, showing off some of the router work.

During the 4th of July weekend, I was in Frankfort and saw that the post had been completed. And on top of that, the post and sign had both been stained (Julie helped out a great deal here, I think, and really brought the sign back to life).

I ended up helping to wrap the post up in some tarps, and we situated it on top of Bob’s truck.

On Friday, I met up with Bob in Richton Park and we headed over to Don’s house. The sign has been sitting atop Bob’s truck for some time, so it was nice (and exciting) to finally be able to deliver this guy, and get him into the ground! Don went ahead and had the post hole ready for us when we arrived, so we were pretty good to go.

Taking out the sign and getting ready to take down the post.

Bob, measuring the distance between the bottom of the post hole and the tree limbs overhead. We were thinking we would need to cut the post down in height, but it ended up being perfect (the thing was huge – somewhere around 9 feet I think).

The post in place, and the sign hung!

A view of the sign, with a bit of the golf course in the distance.

Close-up view. The sign definitely looks much richer, and quite different from what it was originally.

Not the greatest image, but here you can see more of the detail work.

Sign, sealed, and delivered!

It was a cool thing to be able to witness much of the process – from start to finish. Glad I got a few photos of the “before” phase, as it’s been a dramatic transformation. Amazing that this started as a few pieces of wood at a Home Depot, and it’s now here at the edge of a golf course.

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