The Fight Between Good and Evil: Millennium Station, Chicago

On my way in to work this morning, I spotted a fun thing. At Millennium Station near the Randolph/Michigan exit, I spotted two vendors who had set up shop. On the left are some guys selling fresh fruit; on the right, there’s a guy selling Krispy Kreme donuts.

I’ve seen the fruit guys here for some time, now. Originally, there was just one guy selling plastic-wrapped fruit at a table. Oftentimes, there would be music. And he’s got enough of a setup where he also brings his own custom lights to decorate the walls behind his table.

I’m sure he’s not officially allowed to be here, but his presence seems tolerated – as I’ve been seeing him here for a long while now. Lately, I’ve been surprised to see two people manning the table. It makes me think that business is going so well, he was able to hire on staff.

The Krispy Kreme guy though? He’s new. Or at least, this is the first time I’ve spotted him. He also has his own table, though it’s much smaller and much more modest. The man was wearing a Krispy Kreme hat, but I’m fairly certain he’s not an official employee or representative. There were several boxes of KK donuts for sale, and the man stood patiently by them with his hands behind his back – almost as though he was waiting for the owners of said boxes to show up.

I grabbed this photo briefly, and got the attention of both vendors. As I walked by, I mentioned to the fruit guys that I thought it was kind of funny – both tables set up opposite one another, selling food from opposite ends of the spectrum.

One of the fruit guys said to me, “I know! It’s like Good versus Evil!” And when he said the word “evil,” he motioned to the vendor on the other side of the stairs… who looked a little pissed off that we were both making fun of him.

I tried to clarify my neutrality by saying “It’s a tough decision, a tough decision.” But the Krispy Kreme guy still looked ticked off.

I honestly don’t care that these guys are here, selling their wares. They’ve found a way to make a dollar, and if business is good – more power to them. I just found it funny that there was such a divide: healthy food on one side, junk food on the other. Positioned at the base of the stairs, it seemed like a small, existential gauntlet that every commuter had to pass through on their way to work.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. I wonder where the Krispy Kreme guy got those doughnuts. I mean, I wonder if he’s come by those honestly.

    juliet Reply

    • You know, I never really thought about how he came about those donuts. I figured he just bought them nearby, but… after doing a search, I realized that there are no Krispy Kreme donuts near the station. Or downtown Chicago for that matter!

      Closest location I could find is in Elk Grove Village, about 1.5 hours away! So my next best guess is that he got them from a nearby store that resells them (maybe a 7-11), and set up his own shop. Which is pretty smart, as I didn’t realize they were so rare in the area.

      Now if he had a small supply of Donut Vault donuts, that’d be an entirely different matter…

      avoision Reply

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