Augur App: Android Version!

Happy to announce that the free Android version of my Augur app is now available!

In a nutshell, the app searches Twitter to find posts that match a second person point of view (“You will…” “You might…” that type of thing). I’ve tweaked the logic so that things should be a bit more predictive, and lean away from advice.

There’s a lot of new stuff going on, under the hood as well. But honestly – it’s probably only neat to discuss if you’re a developer. I cover the details in this blog post, but if you’re really curious – give me a holler, we’ll go grab a beer and talk about it.

The app used to require you to log in with a Twitter account, but this version does not! And it’s also free! So go and grab it!

I ended up creating the Android version with Phonegap Build, but since that was a newer thing… it took me a little while. Also, not having a device made testing a little trickier.

Thanks tons to Brian W, Ian, Liam, Jaymin, Lavinia, and Gary for their help in testing. I’m running an Android emulator on my Mac, but without an actual device of my own… I’ve had to rely on bugging people I knew.

This was a fun and silly project, and I’m hoping you find it also silly and fun. You probably want to avoid using it to pick stocks and racehorses, but it will hopefully help pass an idle few minutes.

Augur 2.0: Free iPhone App That Uses Twitter to Predict the Future

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